2024-04-07 11:42:37 -04:00
src Improve built-in services 2024-04-07 11:42:37 -04:00 Add built-in back implementations for USDPL services, disable code gen for them by default (only usdpl-back needs to generate them) 2023-09-04 11:59:35 -04:00 Improve build scripts and framework to get WASM loaded on Steam Deck 2022-06-12 17:30:14 -04:00
Cargo.toml Fix compile with nRPC, bump major version 2024-04-02 20:52:42 -04:00 Use plugin dir for locating translations without janky path passthru from front 2023-02-13 21:43:13 -05:00
README.tpl Document, improve some API functionality 2022-06-16 17:19:45 -04:00


Back-end library for plugins. Targets x86_64 (native Steam Deck ISA).

This is a minimalist web server for handling events from the front-end.


Translations are expected to be in <path to plugin>/translations/, in compiled gettext format (.mo).