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Generates XCI/NSP/HFS0/ExeFS/RomFS/Certificate/Ticket dumps from Nintendo Switch gamecards and installed SD/eMMC titles.
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Nintendo Switch Dump Tool

Official Discord server: https://discord.gg/SCbbcQx

This branch is used for the development of the ongoing nxdumptool rewrite. Code is highly experimental and lacks a proper UI at this time, but it has been thoroughly tested and should be safe to use. Proof-of-concept (PoC) builds are provided to test different aspects of the codebase.

If a nxdumptool build from the releases page isn't working for whatever you're trying to do (e.g. RomFS dumping), odds are it will work with a PoC build from this particular branch. The old branch will not receive any further updates.

A GitHub workflow is used to automatically build each new commit -- feel free to check it out. Furthermore, the assets from the rewrite-prerelease tag are automatically updated by this workflow, so you can always find the latest NRO binary there.

This readme will be updated whenever the rewrite branch is ready for a proper release.

Currently planned changes for this branch include:

  • USB ABI (dump data directly to a PC).
  • USB Mass Storage device support (FAT, NTFS, EXT) via libusbhsfs.
  • NX Card Image (XCI) gamecard dumps, with optional KeyArea prepending and certificate removal.
  • Gamecard header dumps.
  • Gamecard certificate dumps.
  • Plaintext gamecard CardInfo area dumps.
  • Gamecard InitialData area dumps.
  • Gamecard CardIdSet dumps.
  • Gamecard Hash FS partition dumps (in both extracted and raw inage forms).
  • Lotus ASIC firmware (LAFW) blob dumping from RAM.
  • Properly detect if an inserted gamecard requires a LAFW update.
  • Nintendo Submission Package (NSP) dumps for both digital and gamecard-based titles.
  • Individual Ticket dumps from digital titles, with support for temporary/volatile tickets with AES-128-CTR crypto data kept in RAM.
  • Individual Nintendo Content Archive (NCA) dumps from a specific title.
  • Individual NCA filesystem section (Partition FS / ExeFS, RomFS, Patch RomFS) dumps from a specific NCA belonging to a specific title, in both extracted and raw image forms.
  • Better support for NCA BucketTree storages (Indirect, AesCtrEx, Sparse, Compressed), as well as better handling of multi-layered reads in combination with game updates.
  • System title support (e.g. dump qlaunch, shared fonts and much, much more at runtime).
  • Better memory handling while dealing with compressed NRO binaries.
  • Event-driven background threads to manage gamecard insertions/ejections, gamecard application metadata parsing (e.g. the game would be properly identified even if its gamecard has never been used on your console), USB ABI sessions and USB Mass Storage devices.
  • Improved support for multigame gamecards and titles with more than one Program NCA (e.g. SM3DAS).
  • Control.nacp patching while dumping NSPs (lets you patch screenshot, video, user account and HDCP restrictions).
  • Partition FS / Hash FS / RomFS browser using custom devoptab wrappers.
  • Full system update dumps.
  • Batch NSP dumps.
  • FsFileSystem + FatFs based eMMC browser using a custom devoptab wrapper (allows copying files protected by the FS sysmodule at runtime).
  • New UI using a customized borealis fork. ⚠️


  • - Implemented
  • ⚠️ - Partially implemented
  • - Not implemented