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NGnius (Graham) 61db1be355
Create FUNDING.yml 9 months ago
NGnius (Graham) 79a8e7e128 Update front version to v0.10.1 11 months ago
NGnius (Graham) 909bab400b Add _unload to decky template 11 months ago
NGnius (Graham) 4f095475f6
Merge pull request #4 from CEbbinghaus/patch-1
Added details to response to fix error
11 months ago
CEbbinghaus 1c6ade62ca
Added details to response to fix error
This change fixes an error I was encountering that complained that the return type was not "application/wasm"
11 months ago
NGnius (Graham) 91149f9dfc Fix incorrect home dir on Decky 1 year ago
NGnius (Graham) c06a047a88 Bump remaining versions to v0.10.0 1 year ago
NGnius (Graham) 33033f670e Use plugin dir for locating translations without janky path passthru from front 1 year ago
NGnius (Graham) 338a5cdb24 Bump version and add Decky env var support (#1) 1 year ago
NGnius (Graham) d944ce1bee Update decky template for pnpm CI and latest usdpl version 1 year ago
NGnius (Graham) 9b3facd48d Relax ID desync check to avoid rejecting packets under normal loads 1 year ago
NGnius (Graham) 4745f0ae7e Add translation functionality 1 year ago
NGnius (Graham) 9755eb24b7 Implement Error for ReadError 1 year ago
NGnius (Graham) 8387c8024e Add ID checks to packet handling to reduce replay attack surface 1 year ago
NGnius (Graham) fbaef000b5 Add rebuild and build-time encryption support to decky template 1 year ago
NGnius (Graham) c51cbc9aab Change api::files::read_single to return error enum instead of mutually exclusive option 1 year ago
NGnius (Graham) 35775afd84 Rewrite home to not rely on gamescope running 1 year ago
NGnius (Graham) fb3f2bde0c Remove println! that should not exist 1 year ago
NGnius (Graham) 6a0c816ad3 Fix dirs::home() to not always return None 1 year ago
NGnius (Graham) d2de89ac0b Update README checklist with decky info 1 year ago
NGnius (Graham) 7e2aa1ccb7 Scalability improvements for kaylon 1 year ago
NGnius (Graham) ad38087932 Fix some API implementation bugs 2 years ago
NGnius (Graham) 2918f6cd3b Enable wee_alloc by default for slightly smaller WASM bin 2 years ago
NGnius (Graham) 6fcc4c9884 Add simple persistent cache API 2 years ago
NGnius (Graham) a8644d2729 Bump everything to v0.6.0 2 years ago
NGnius 424acdf694 Allow uncapped/growable packet sizes 2 years ago
NGnius ac03348e96 Add back-end server to template 2 years ago
NGnius (Graham) 2b192a59b1 Fix minor template bugs 2 years ago
NGnius 28657e941c Fix unencrypted compilation and create decky template 2 years ago
NGnius (Graham) f076764fff Add experimental encryption support 2 years ago
NGnius (Graham) 36adfa124d Fix file write error... hopefully 2 years ago
NGnius (Graham) 1585076d07 Fix read_single parsing failure due to \n 2 years ago
NGnius (Graham) 87c5a7770b Fix read_single parsing failure due to \n 2 years ago
NGnius (Graham) becfe89299 Fix read_single parsing failure due to \n 2 years ago
NGnius (Graham) 248c5837b5 Add some utility functions to API 2 years ago
NGnius (Graham) d242cb9d70 Document, improve some API functionality 2 years ago
NGnius 0a5323c927 Minor refactor and code cleanup to improve ergonomics 2 years ago
NGnius (Graham) 63ed7fa5d1 Try localhost HTTP 2 years ago
NGnius (Graham) 4a537f4d42 Impl display & debug for ServerError 2 years ago
NGnius (Graham) 03d7ac54d1 Try websockets 2 years ago
NGnius (Graham) 0ca02591bd Prepare for experimental release 2 years ago
NGnius (Graham) ccd3969185 Improve build scripts and framework to get WASM loaded on Steam Deck 2 years ago
NGnius (Graham) eaf193a1b2
Create LICENSE 2 years ago
NGnius (Graham) 0219b4c2b7 Initial functionality 2 years ago