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Sort, filter and analyse your music to create great playlists. This project implements the interpreter (./interpreter), music player (./player), and CLI interface for Muss (./). The CLI interface includes a REPL for running scripts. The REPL interactive mode also provides more details about using Muss through the ?help command.


To access the REPL, simply run cargo run. You will need the Rust toolchain installed. For a bit of extra performance, run cargo run --release instead.



All songs by artist <artist> (in your library), sorted by similarity to a random first song by the artist.

files().(.artist? like "<artist>")~(~radio);

All songs with a .flac file extension (anywhere in their path -- not necessarily at the end).

files().(.filename? like ".flac");

All songs by artist <artist1> or <artist2>, sorted by similarity to a random first song by either artist.

files().(.artist? like "<artist1>" || .artist? like "<artist2>")~(~radio);

Bigger examples

For now, check out ./src/tests, ./player/tests, and ./interpreter/tests for examples. One day I'll add pretty REPL example pictures and some script files... // TODO


Can I use Muss right now?

Sure! It's never complete, but Muss is completely useable right now. Hopefully most of the bugs have been ironed out as well :)

Why write a new language?

I thought it would be fun. I also wanted to be able to play my music without having to be at the whim of someone else's algorithm (and music), and playing just by album or artist was getting boring. Designing a language specifically for iteration seemed like a cool & novel way of doing it, too (though every approach is a novel approach for me).

What is Muss?

Music Set Script (MuSS) is a language for describing a playlist of music. It can execute SQLite select clauses or directly query the filesystem. Queries can be modified by using filters, functions, and sorters built-in to Muss (see interpreter's

Is Muss a scripting language?

Yes. It evolved from a simple query language into something that can do arbitrary calculations. Whether it's Turing-complete is still unproven, but it's powerful enough for what I want it to do.


LGPL-2.1-only OR GPL-3.0-only

NOTE: Advanced features make use of a fork of bliss-rs a GPL-3.0 licensed music analysis library.


This is a hobby project, so any contribution may take a while to be acknowledged and accepted.