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make power and volume work even with the joycons connected (#85)
* hi einso

* make power and volume work even with the joycons connected

* fix keyboard with volume buttons


Co-authored-by: suchmememanyskill <38142618+suchmememanyskill@users.noreply.github.com>
2023-09-26 16:18:39 +02:00

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TegraExplorer builder Downloads Version Donations

A payload-based file explorer for your switch!


  1. Get your favorite payload injector
  2. Inject TegraExplorer as a payload

Navigate around the menus using the joycons.

  • A: Select
  • B: Back
  • Left Joystick up/down (Dpad or joystick): navigate menus up/down
  • Right Joystick up/down: fast menu navigation up/down
  • Capture (Minerva only): Take a screenshot
  • L3/R3 (Press joysticks in): Recalibrate centerpoint

If you do not have your joycons connected:

  • Power -> A
  • Vol+ -> Left Joystick up
  • Vol- -> Left Joystick down


  • Navigate the SD card
  • Navigate the System partition of your sysmmc and emummc
  • Interact with files
    • Deleting, copying, renaming and moving files
    • Launching payloads files
    • Viewing the hex data of a file
    • Launching special TegraScript files
    • Renaming files
  • Interacting with folders
    • Deleting, copying or renaming folders
    • Creating folders
  • Dumping your current firmware to sd
  • Formatting the sd card

and more


For general CFW support, go to the Nintendo Homebrew discord

For question specifically for TegraExplorer, go to my discord


Based on Lockpick_RCM, and thus also based on Hekate

Awesome people who helped with this project:

Other awesome people:

  • PhazonicRidley
  • Dax
  • Huhen
  • Exelix
  • Emmo
  • Gengar
  • Einso
  • JeffV