• v1.4.0 decc0cd73d

    v1.4.0 Stable

    NGnius released this 2023-08-28 22:43:16 +01:00 | 85 commits to main since this release

    A minor end-user update hiding some architectural improvements.

    • Add support for developer messages which show up in the UI
    • Hide current reading on Steam Deck since it's misleading (it can be re-enabled)
    • Add USB PD power, hidden by default
    • Fix profiles not applying correctly when vanilla Deck performance settings are in use #99
    • Fix some clocks not getting changed when changing profiles #107
    • Fix some issues on non-SteamOS Linux distros with inconsistent sysfs paths #114
    • Migrate away from GitHub
    • Create utility library to make sysfs path generation easier

    Full Changelog: https://git.ngni.us/NG-SD-Plugins/PowerTools/compare/v1.3.1...v1.4.0