• v2.0.2 64dc319223

    v2.0.2 Stable

    NGnius released this 2024-05-07 21:47:32 +01:00 | 13 commits to main since this release

    Another bugfix update because there's never just one.

    • Fix infinite loading when creating a new variant

    Full Changelog: https://git.ngni.us/NG-SD-Plugins/PowerTools/compare/v2.0.1...v2.0.2

  • v2.0.1 3f3241ed45

    v2.0.1 Stable

    NGnius released this 2024-04-23 00:15:23 +01:00 | 17 commits to main since this release

    A bugfix update with no big things.

    • Fix the store page not scrolling properly
    • Fix many issues with the store server

    Full Changelog: https://git.ngni.us/NG-SD-Plugins/PowerTools/compare/v2.0.0...v2.0.1

  • v2.0.0 b100b1f2f2

    v2.0.0 Stable

    NGnius released this 2024-04-01 23:34:03 +01:00 | 25 commits to main since this release

    A major update with a few big things.

    • Add online repository of setting profiles #111
    • Add multiple profiles per game #82
    • Change profile save format and location (now ~/homebrew/settings/PowerTools/)
    • Convert overrides file to cross-driver #126
    • Improve compatibility with Steam Deck OLED #140
    • Improve compatibility with other hardware
    • Switch to AppId instead of GameId for profiles #81
    • Switch to global Decky Frontend Lib; fix some display bugs
    • Fix game profiles not loading correctly when a game is launched #128
    • Fix battery limit not resetting #127
    • Create low-level Steam Deck interface library to make specific (undocumented) functionality more portable
    • Add some dev/debug utilities
    • Remove some outdated ways of applying settings

    Full Changelog: https://git.ngni.us/NG-SD-Plugins/PowerTools/compare/v1.4.0...v2.0.0

  • v1.4.0 decc0cd73d

    v1.4.0 Stable

    NGnius released this 2023-08-28 22:43:16 +01:00 | 85 commits to main since this release

    A minor end-user update hiding some architectural improvements.

    • Add support for developer messages which show up in the UI
    • Hide current reading on Steam Deck since it's misleading (it can be re-enabled)
    • Add USB PD power, hidden by default
    • Fix profiles not applying correctly when vanilla Deck performance settings are in use #99
    • Fix some clocks not getting changed when changing profiles #107
    • Fix some issues on non-SteamOS Linux distros with inconsistent sysfs paths #114
    • Migrate away from GitHub
    • Create utility library to make sysfs path generation easier

    Full Changelog: https://git.ngni.us/NG-SD-Plugins/PowerTools/compare/v1.3.1...v1.4.0

  • v1.3.1 15833c82e9

    v1.3.1 Stable

    NGnius released this 2023-04-06 03:18:47 +01:00 | 120 commits to main since this release

    Did you know you're supposed to test programs before you release them to the general public? Apparently I'm pretty bad at that...

    • Fix battery limiter growing by x100 when loaded from file
    • Fix battery state check causing all settings to be reapplied
    • Fix powertools and kernel logs spam from redundant sysfs c (confirm) writes
    • Fix sleep being too sensitive

    Full Changelog: https://github.com/NGnius/PowerTools/compare/v1.3.0...v1.3.1

  • v1.3.0 2fef0d7dd1

    v1.3.0 Stable

    NGnius released this 2023-04-01 16:06:26 +01:00 | 130 commits to main since this release

    Happy April Fools, though this update is actually serious.

    • Add some battery limiting functionality
    • Fix profile loading issues from a SteamOS update
    • Fix Steam Deck drivers always using manual performance level mode
    • Update limits server

    Full Changelog: https://github.com/NGnius/PowerTools/compare/v1.2.0...v1.3.0

  • v1.2.0 33cd064667

    v1.2.0 Stable

    NGnius released this 2023-03-04 15:35:30 +00:00 | 153 commits to main since this release

    While v1.0.0 and v1.1.0 were relatively large updates, this one is a lot smaller for reasons I'll go into further down.

    • Enabled all-CPU governor selector by default
    • Fixed SMT display bug #73
    • Changed default Deck GPU clock minimum back to 400MHz because of inconsistent boost behaviour #76
    • Changed ~/.config/powertools to not require superuser to edit
    • Renamed backend binary to powertools from powertools-rs (the log's filename has changed as a result)

    I wanted to get these changes out before I completely shifted my focus to working on another plugin. PowerTools isn't going away, but there isn't a lot more I can do without investing a lot of my time and money into reverse-engineering low-level firmware, unless someone else feeds me the answers (or Gaben responds to my email).

    Full Changelog: https://github.com/NGnius/PowerTools/compare/v1.1.1...v1.2.0

  • v1.1.1 4bf548152f

    v1.1.1 Stable

    NGnius released this 2023-02-11 04:36:40 +00:00 | 168 commits to main since this release

    • Fix French translation -- fr-FR (what Valve calls "French") will now use fr-CA (what PowerTools has a translation for), tabarnac!
    • Hopefully fix an update issue that required a restart

    Full Changelog: https://github.com/NGnius/PowerTools/compare/v1.1.0...v1.1.1

  • v1.1.0 05de36a082

    v1.1.0 Stable

    NGnius released this 2023-02-03 22:57:56 +00:00 | 177 commits to main since this release

    This release is dedicated to Janelle Monáe because "dirty computer" and something like "funk" was directed at my Deck during development.

    • Added advanced CPU configuration
    • Major architectural improvements
      • Added experimental support for other AMD devices with RyzenAdj and server-provided limits (with hit counter)
      • Added fallback support for unrecognized devices
      • Added custom slider limits for Steam Deck #53
      • Fix UI unresponsiveness when changing some sliders #31
      • Improve action handling to be (mostly) lock-free
    • Added dropdown for setting charging mode in the firmware #50
    • Reworked SMT implementation #48
    • Improved behaviour of Defaults button #44
    • Added translation support #9 (French, Spanish, and Chinese have already been added, thanks contributors!)
    • Fix incorrect HOME resolution #57
    • Fix persistence not being disabled correctly... again #55
    • Added a secret (fun) thing

    This update marks the start of an attempt to support other devices. If you'd like to help, consider writing code for your device or donating towards my hardware fund.

    (auto-generated version below)

    What's Changed

    New Contributors

    Full Changelog: https://github.com/NGnius/PowerTools/compare/v1.0.5...v1.1.0

  • v1.0.5 f0862ddd73

    v1.0.5 Stable

    NGnius released this 2022-10-11 22:39:16 +01:00 | 228 commits to main since this release

    Fix config files sticking around when they aren't supposed to be persistent #41.

    With a bit of luck this might fix the part of #40 which can't be chalked up to user error and/or game bugs.