• v2.0.0 b100b1f2f2

    v2.0.0 Stable

    NGnius released this 2024-04-01 23:34:03 +01:00 | 0 commits to main since this release

    A major update with a few big things.

    • Add online repository of setting profiles #111
    • Add multiple profiles per game #82
    • Change profile save format and location (now ~/homebrew/settings/PowerTools/)
    • Convert overrides file to cross-driver #126
    • Improve compatibility with Steam Deck OLED #140
    • Improve compatibility with other hardware
    • Switch to AppId instead of GameId for profiles #81
    • Switch to global Decky Frontend Lib; fix some display bugs
    • Fix game profiles not loading correctly when a game is launched #128
    • Fix battery limit not resetting #127
    • Create low-level Steam Deck interface library to make specific (undocumented) functionality more portable
    • Add some dev/debug utilities
    • Remove some outdated ways of applying settings

    Full Changelog: https://git.ngni.us/NG-SD-Plugins/PowerTools/compare/v1.4.0...v2.0.0