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Want to use PowerTools in a language other than English? Tired of the British monarchy? Then look no further than this page! Here's how to get started translating the user interface.

Quick Tutorial

  1. Copy the template to a file editor
  2. Save the file with the four-letter (and dash) locale name of your language (e.g. fr-CA for Canadian French)
  3. Familiarize yourself with the po format:
# comment
msgid "english string"
msgstr "translated string"
# and so on...
  1. For each pair of lines starting with msgid and msgstr (respectively), write the translated version of the phrase in quotes from the msgid line into the msgstr line (in the quotes).


  1. From the translations folder, upload your new translations file.


  1. Create a Pull Request (PR) so NGnius sees it and can add it into PowerTools


  1. Feel good for helping people

Original Issue



If all else fails read the reference manual for gettext translation