16 Troubleshooting
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PowerTools is totally bug free and this page does not need to exist! /s

If you're trying to figure out what's wrong, the log file /tmp/powertools.log and the config files in ~/.config/powertools might be useful.

CPU performance is reduced after re-enabling all 8 threads.

Sometimes CPU threads don't restore correctly for unknown reasons. This isn't a bug in PowerTools, so the only way to fix it is to reboot.

PowerTools is freezing or the UI is acting strangely

PowerTools' configuration files may be corrupt. Try deleting everything in ~/.config/powertools (you'll need root permissions to do this).

PowerTools doesn't work!

Use the latest version of Decky (v2.0 or later). As mentioned in the release notes, PowerTools now uses the new Decky UI which isn't available in older versions.

Friendly reminder: if you don't read the PluginLoader README, you've only got yourself to blame. Put less tactfully: RTFM.

PowerTools UI is broken after installation

(sliders aren't lined up with a notch, settings can't be changed, or everything is plain text)

The PowerTools files are corrupt or an unsupported version of PluginLoader is being used.

Please re-install the latest release of PowerTools and PluginLoader. Dev or nightly versions (including SteamOS Beta versions) are never guaranteed to work.

PowerTools does not install

Refer to https://github.com/NGnius/PowerTools/wiki/Manual-Installation for manual installation instructions

Something else

IT Crowd turn if off and on again

Please send the log and a detailed description of the issue to NGnius (on Discord or in a GitHub issue). The log is located at /tmp/powertools.log, but can get deleted when you restart your Deck. Feel free to poke NGnius on whatever platform, don't be shy -- I can almost guarantee that I'm more awkward than you.